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UHF Abhörgerät - UHF980 Wanze

UHF Abhörgerät - UHF980 Wanze
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GM980 is high quality UHF audio bug kit. It including one pc transmitter and one pc receiver. Both working on fixed point of UHF band.

The professional spy UHF audio transmiter transmit crystal clear voice to 2000meters away. The UHF receiver could pickup voice signals within 500meters in building area. Receiver is using 2pcs AAA batteries and buildin speaker. You can connect voice recorder to UHF receiver.

Features of GM980 Spying Surveillance Audio Bug
Working on fixed ISM/UHF frequency point
Transmit up 500 meters in building area
Able to transfer to 1000 meters away in open area
Build in rechargeable battery
Very sensitive and high-resolution all-direction microphone
Pack in hard-frabic bag, easy to carry and store

Specifications of GM980 Spying Surveillance Audio Bug
Dimension: Transmitter is 35 x 50 x 21mm; Receiver is
Antenna: Transmitter use soft-antenna; Receiver use rubber antenna
Transmission range: 500 meters in building area and 2000meters in open area
Battery: Transmitter use polymer lithium battery; Receiver use 2xAAA batteries
Battery Life: Transmitter 16 hour; Receiver use 2xAAA batteries for 20 hours
Microphone: 12db senstive, high resolution within 50m2

UHF Abhörgerät - UHF980 Wanze

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